The first time I met my girlfriend



The first time I met my girlfriend, I made her laugh and heard a loud but distinct squeak. When I asked her “Did you just squeak?” she smiled and said “I squeak when I laugh…” I was about to say that I thought it was cute, when she added “Loudly, and like a balloon.” with a big grin on her face. Which is how she found out that I snort when I laugh. My roommate tries to get both of us laughing so he can direct the symphony of silly noises.

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Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse – Joseph Jacobs


Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse both lived in a house,

Titty Mouse went a leasing and Tatty Mouse went a leasing,

So they both went a leasing.

Titty Mouse leased an ear of corn, and Tatty Mouse leased an ear of corn,

So they both leased an ear of corn.

Titty Mouse made a pudding, and Tatty Mouse made a pudding,

So they both made a pudding.

And Tatty Mouse put her pudding into the pot to boil,

But when Titty went to put hers in, the pot tumbled over, and scalded her to death.

Then Tatty sat down and wept; then a three-legged stool said: “Tatty, why do you weep?” “Titty’s dead,” said Tatty, “and so I weep;” “then,” said the stool, “I’ll hop,” so the stool hopped.

Then a broom in the corner of the room said, “Stool, why do you hop?” “Oh!” said the stool, “Titty’s dead, and Tatty weeps, and so I hop;” “then,” said the broom, “I’ll sweep,” so the broom began to sweep.

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